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Welcome to Jazzmutchfitness/Jazzmutchholistic's !

My Name is Jazz and I have been working in fitness for 10+ years.

I have a genuine passion to inspire and motivate people of all ages and all abilities. I believe Fitness, Holistic therapy, Exercise and stretching can help you, not only to become stronger and healthier, but also improve your quality of life and wellbeing!


You have the option here to set up a membership for live classes that are delivered in a hall, or online live classes that are taught via zoom. you can also purchase class passes and pay as you go.

You can also view the range of holistic therapies i offer on the 'JAZZMUTCHHOLISTIC section of this website. All members of JAZZMUTCHFITNESS receive a 25% discount on all treatments.

There are a range of different classes offered on the timetable - take a look and if you have any questions about a class (or any other questions) then please do get in touch - My email is at the bottom of the website.

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Class descriptions

-Pilates - Great for strengthening your deep core muscles to protect the spine and reduce the risk of injury - a floor based class. This class also helps with mobility.

-Restorative Yoga - A gentle class suitable for all abilities, gentle stretches using a bolster. We work into the fascia and practice different meditative techniques to release physical and emotional tension.

-Pilates Conditioning with a band/circle - Work your whole body with different Pilates exercises using a stretchy band/Circle.

-Weights Strength Session - 30 mins of strength work with weights - whatever you have we can work with! Kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, water bottles!

-Aerobics/Fitness Fun - 30 min Fitness class, this is especially suited to beginners but all levels can benefit. We lift our heartrate with aerobics, and then condition with upper body and lower body conditioning exercises.

-Yogalates For All - suitable for beginners, standing yoga followed by floor work and Pilates conditioning.

Requires a foundation level of fitness, I.e. - able to move easily from the floor to standing

No equipment needed - unless specified.

-Yogalates Fitness - a fitness class fusion of Yoga and Pilates, this class strengthens upper body, lower body and core..

-Vinyasa Yoga - This terms means to join movements together in a 'special' a beautiful flow class to build strength, flexibility and connect with yourself..


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